Women with Overweight and Smokers Cannot Receive in Vitro Fertilization Treatments?

It has left me somewhat surprised a survey conducted by the British fertility society and the European society of human reproduction and Embryology on the occasion of the 30 years of the birth of the first baby conceived by in Vitro Fertilization.

Was asked them to 200 experts in fertility about what a woman should be entitled to receive what and in-Vitro fertilization treatments do not.

29% answered that all, while more than one 40% answered that should not receive them women with overweight and smokers, because these two factors affect the fertility of women and condition the chances of pregnancy through this treatment.

Is also checked both diminish the possibility of getting pregnant by natural means, so experts say that before undergoing artificial fertilization treatment they should endeavour to change their habits of life.

It could be understood as discrimination, but according to experts, it is a way of getting a higher percentage of pregnancies by means of this technique.

What do you think the survey? can be an objective limit, which weigh more than so many kilos or those who smoke more than so many cigarettes? Of course, consider that of parenting responsibility begins by taking care to think of it, but for some women, it is very difficult to lose weight or quit smoking and at the same time both can take its time.

At the time was also raised to limit the age of the patients could deny doctors in IVF treatment to women advanced in age, overweight or smokers?

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