What is Menstruation Clears Coffee

What is Menstruation Clears Coffee

One of the biggest concerns of women is the Coffee Menstruation. It is characterized by a darker menstrual period, more or less brown. It is quite common and can indicate a number of things. In most cases it occurs when there is a “lack” of progesterone in the body.

What is Menstruation Clears Coffee

There are many reasons to happen menstruation coffee grounds. This may indicate that the body is cleansing the remnants of the previous menstruation, may indicate a hormonal disruption, but may also be one of the first signs of pregnancy.

Coffee grounds may also just be a warning that menstruation is coming.

You should always consult a doctor whenever a significant change in your period occurs.

Main Reasons for Menstruation Coffee Erase


The failure of the pill or the change of it can cause hormonal changes that lead the organism to small losses of blood of brown color.

If you take a contraceptive straight and this type of menstruation happens frequently it may be a sign that the contraceptive is not the most suitable for you. If it is correct to take the medicine and if it happens in more than 2 cycles you should consult the doctor.


When a period of coffee-colored menstruation occurs some time before the days of menstruation, it may be a sign of the nidation.

The nesting bleeding occurs after the implantation of the embryo. A scaling of the endometrium occurs and a small loss of blood may occur. Nesting is a small flow that lasts a short time.


Menstruation coffee grounds can be synonymous with some health problems. One of the problems most associated with this problem is Endometriosis.

But dark menstruation can also be caused by uterine inflammation.

There are many reasons to have a darker colored menstruation. If you are trying to get pregnant and it only lasts a few days (maximum 3) and you do not get to have live blood then nothing better than to take a pregnancy test.