Vitamin D in Pregnancy to Improve The Developing Bone Baby

Vitamin D is a nutrient was that the important enough in the pregnancy. Today, many experts are considering giving as a supplement to pregnant women by the benefits that can be seen on the fetus and the mother’s health.

A deficit of this vitamin is related to low birthweight and with problems of language in children. In addition, a new study has revealed that also improves the baby’s bone development.

The research, carried out by specialists of obstetrics and Gynecology at the Hospital Universitario Doctor Peset of Valencia, consisted of dividing into two groups pregnant 98. A group were given a supplement of vitamin D from the 20th week of gestation, while the non-other.

They could observe, that women who took the supplement had higher blood vitamin D levels to the second group, approaching the optimum level needed in pregnancy.

Also, could see through 3D ultrasounds that the fetuses of women who had received supplemental vitamin D had a upper femoral bone index to the fetuses of the group that was not treated with supplement.

Also relates the vitamin D in the prevention of disease in the mother such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes or bacterial vaginosis. While for its part, its deficit linked it is retardation of intrauterine growth and increased risk of Cesarean.

Vitamin D is also called the the sunshine vitamin, as it is synthesized through the cells of the skin, with the help of exposure to sunlight. The amount of this vitamin provided some food is insufficient to reach adequate levels.

Still living in sites with plenty of sunshine, pregnant women have vitamin deficiencies, so that in the light of recent studies recommend a vitamin D supplements to pregnant women could be interesting to improve the health of mother and baby.


Are Prenatal Vitamins Important?

Are Prenatal Vitamins Important?