Solomon Islands 2012

Yearbook 2012

Solomon Islands. During the year, the European Commission proposed that Solomon Islands and 15 other island nations in the Pacific, for example, be granted visa-free access to EU member states. The European Parliament must approve the proposal.

A murder of a prominent official in the capital Honiara in April led to a vengeance attack on a poor residential area on the outskirts of the capital, where several houses were burnt down during the death threats to residents. The population was very critical of the police’s late reaction, and the incident sparked debate about the Solomon Islands being ready for the 2013 withdrawal of the Australia-led peacekeeping force that has been on the islands since 2003.

The rich stock of tuna around the Solomon Islands has declined in recent years. One of three major species, big-eyed tuna, is overfished, and environmental groups claim that a second species is at risk. Between 25 and 45% of fishing is believed to be illegal or without reporting. Climate warming of the seawater is also expected to cause tuna around the Solomon Islands to be driven further east and the coastal fisheries will decrease.

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In order to gain better control over fishing, the government decided during the year to tighten the rules for tuna fishing. Licenses shall primarily be given to fishing companies that invest in the fishing industry onshore and take ashore their catch in the Solomon Islands.

During the year, the international network TRAFFIC, which surveys trade in wildlife, raised the alarm that over 50,000 parrots, cockatoos and other exotic birds were exported from the Solomon Islands in a decade. Some of the 35 species sold from the country are on the list of endangered birds, such as the acutely endangered yellow-tailed cockatoo and blue paradise bird.

Population 2012

According to countryaah, the population of Solomon Islands in 2012 was 603,007, ranking number 167 in the world. The population growth rate was 2.700% yearly, and the population density was 21.5476 people per km2.

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