Sara Carbonero and Other Pregnant Women That Do Not Accept Good Physical Changes

Is considered to be one of our country’s most beautiful women, although a server your women likes more, and in the photos we see her pregnant becomes apparent that the pounds that is gaining in her pregnancy are depositing all in his belly, because He looks as beautiful as ever, but with belly.

She, however, it seems that it thinks does not equal and that, as he says these days in the press, It is not with the changes and the kilos of your pregnancy to the extent not to accept any new job (which only has already signed contract) or attend any public event. If it is true or not, I don’t know, but it is not impossible and as this is also the case with other pregnant women, coming to not be accepted in this new State, I want to talk today, of the women who do not accept well physical changes.

And what makes a man talking about the acceptance or not of the physical changes in a pregnant woman?

If you ask it to you, I will answer already same. I, man, that, precisely for this reason, speak because I am a man and, as such, worry less that the vast majority of women physicist. The men, with a few exceptions which will soon become fashionable, walk not too awaiting our physicist, or if we walk it is not so much as the average of women. We are simple: a haircut when touched, a shave from time to time (more often depending on the job you have) and exercise if you enjoy doing, if not even that, and if perhaps for health. Ah, and if once we decided to do a bit of diet, will therefore be able to see your feet and also by health, but not so much for show off an abdomen divided into six parts.

As I comment that, and because it costs us a little understanding that there are women who give so much importance to his physical. Isn’t it displeases us, nor much less, as I say Sara Carbonero is very pretty, but sure that would be just as pretty if not to put so much attention to his physical and always go to fashion and with a perfect complexion.

Victims of your image

Every woman knows that when you become pregnant the body will change. It is impepinable law of life, is logical and is also seen every day. The baby grows inside, the belly increases in size, you gain weight, you retain some liquid and why you see pregnant women with a more redondita face, by the kilo and accumulated liquids, and others, as Sara and my lady spouse, which backs no one would say that they are pregnant, because the pounds go directly to the belly.

By this I mean that the body may change slightly, or can change a lot. It is normal, women should know that it is normal and the couple must also know and must demonstrate that the love he feels for it does not come from your image (but to see what will couples do when forties, fifties and sixties… spreading because you are no longer the same that I got married? Nonsense).

However, as much as you tell a woman that “I love you like, even with these extra pounds”, the self-image of a not always comes from the opinions of others, but the opinion which of itself. If she has always been thin, if she has always been beautiful, if you have always felt so and if you also live their image, being something important to her, can happen that, any change, even a pregnancy, could affect. It is one of the symptoms of our society, one of the symptoms of giving more importance to appearances that who you are actually one of the symptoms the woman become object of desire by its appearance and one of the symptoms be considered beautiful women high and thin, and less beautiful, or ugly or poorly made the shorter woman and with more kilos.

And after pregnancy, to lose kilos quickly

It is said people close to Sara to recommend to do diet. I do not know what diet want to do, if there is more to do the pounds carried over are not fat. In addition, as we have seen here in Babies and more, dieting during pregnancy is very recommended. Itself, with much common sense, answered them, that it will not go to any gym nor will make any regime for this reason.

You need time after the pregnancy of losing the few pounds will be won as quickly as necessary, sits on another symptom that, as I say, pregnancy feels, in a way, as a moment of defective traffic in which the woman is disfigures and which have to flee quickly, forgetting it as the pounds are lost. Remember three years ago, for example, when Corporación Dermoestética offered the “Pack mothers” with which offered surgical interventions and special diets to lose the pounds of pregnancy with best prices. Amazing.

For what will be the extra kilos

Then one has to think. If under normal conditions a woman has one weight more or less balanced with its height (moderate exercise, leads a balanced diet and is emotionally stable), do it why gain weight in pregnancy? Because as it is not or is equal to something. If we have in mind to take care of a child wears what is not written, as it turns out that it is for that. You have a baby and you’re going to throw a few weeks, a few months, a few years behind it. Running behind him, trying to get to everything, breast-feeding (which makes consume a 500 kcal per day) and, ultimately, being a mother. Parents, look, don’t change much when we expect a baby, but as we are already more carefree walk with some kilo more before becoming parents, and as not we amamantamos, we have a little more than margin.

So Sara…

So Sara, repeat, are as beautiful as ever, but that sure that your partner says it you. And you have gained weight and would have changed, but motherhood that leaves footprint in one way or another. A body that changes because it has developed in him a baby no longer, at least for me, a beautiful body, because there has been life, a baby, the fruit of the love of two people. That must weigh more than any appearance. In addition, people can not be measured nor can measure us ourselves by our kilos or our beauty. Yes, that helps, everyone went into this game, but We cannot be happier or more unhappy according to our appearance, mostly because it is volatile, because youth is lost and beauty changes and goes away with the years, the established canons.

Enjoy your pregnancy, enjoy “eat, love, suck” Carlos González, I know that you are reading, and think of all that is yet to come, sure if you live with intensity and leave a little side want to be always perfect for people who don’t know how to value other things that is not a pretty physical, you will enjoy much.