Prevent Dam Massages an Damm Tear or Episiotomy

If the baby’s head is born, that means a tremendous strain for the dam. The narrow section of tissue between the vagina and anus called the “Dam”.

Your midwife will try to protect the dam by corresponding hand grips, when passage of the head. However, it can happen that tear the perineal area. Sometimes, a small incision is used also targeted, so that this does not happen.

Crack or cut supplies after the birth and heal up good. Understandably, many expectant mothers but want to know whether they can perhaps prevent. The dam breaks, if the tissue is not enough stretch. And he rips right where he is no longer blood circulation caused by the expansion. Therefore, it can help to massage the perineum area regularly in the last month of pregnancy. It stimulates the blood circulation of the tissue, makes it more pliable and stretch enabled.

In individual cases, it can be never said whether it was the massage, which has prevented the tearing. But it’s worth to try it – if you want to bother. An Damm massage is right an intimate thing, and some women rather uncomfortable.

Once a day 10 minutes: So it goes

  • The dam massage is recommended from the 36th week of pregnancy once a day for ten minutes.
  • Appropriate oils are for example the massage oil of Weleda or Ingeborg Stadelmann. Tip: Better no giant bottle purchase, you need only one or two drops.
  • You can massage the dam itself or, if your baby belly in the way is – ask your partner.
  • For the massage you sit best quite comfortably so, that you set up the open legs can. Thumb, index finger and middle finger with one or two drops of oil (Rechtshänderinnen take the right hand, Linkshänderinnen the left).
  • Then place the thumb in the front area of the vagina and massage the outer area of the skin with index finger and middle finger. Go here in a gentle circular motion.
  • Alternatively, you can massage just with your thumb and forefinger at the dam by one side to the other (the thumb is again at the front of the vagina). Tip: If you can imagine a watch to do this, massage approximately between four and eight o’clock gently back and forth.