Pregnancy: Good Reflexes to Avoid Being Constipated

Pregnant women are particularly affected by constipation. If it is usually mild, it can be as particularly troublesome.

Nausea, heavy legs, backache… The inconveniences occurring during pregnancy are many and varied. And if pregnant women easily talking around them, this is less the case when it comes to talk about their worries of constipation. And yet, it’s about a woman who would be affected by these small intestinal disorders. Usually mild constipation should however not be underestimated. You should know that different factors slowing the transit among future mothers. This is the case of hormonal changes, including increased levels of progesterone, and abdominal compression exerted by the development of the baby. Certain supplementations, notably, steel making, as well as physical inactivity, which settles gradually particularly late pregnancy, also contribute. To avoid being constipated, it enough to adopt good reflexes on a daily basis.

  • Ensure its food

First of all, please make sure to eat enough fiber. They are present in the fruits and vegetables raw or cooked. Green beans, tomatoes, apples, prunes, etc., contain particularly. Cereals are also a good source of fiber. Also be aware that it is best to eat foods made with flour complements that of white flour. So, for example choose to consume rather full bread, pasta semi-completes or full of rice… Dry fruits (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts…) are also a good option in case of small appetites. In addition to being good for health, they will clearly help the smooth running of the intestinal transit.

  • Think of hydrated

Drink enough outside meals is also a good way to combat constipation effectively, but also prevent urinary infections. “It is preferable that moms are hydrated in the morning, and until 4: 00.” Drinking two large glasses of water the night will avoid getting up during the night to go to the toilet“, advises Caroline Decombe, midwife.”

Hepar® mineral water is particularly known for its virtues on the intestinal transit. Naturally rich in minerals, she in fact part of natural and effective solutions to problems of constipation. And because, among all the flat waters, she is the only one to hold such a concentration of magnesium, mineral involved in the mechanisms of muscle contraction (and so the transit!).To change the water glasses, think also of drinking herbal tea, coffee without too much caffeine, or flavoring the water with a few leaves of mint, for example. Also, keep a bottle of water of a litre by your side during the day.

You should know that a mother-to-be needs to drink about 1.5 litres of water per day to cover its needs as well as those of her baby. In cases of constipation, do not hesitate to hydrate more.

  • Moving from

A regular and appropriate physical activity makes it possible to boost transit. Moms can for example swimming, doing yoga, exercise bike… The fresh market is also particularly suitable for pregnant women, who can practice it until during the last weeks.