Oman 2012

Yearbook 2012

Oman. Oppositionists continued to demand reforms of various kinds during the year. Much of the opposition to Sultan Qabus ibn Said was practiced on networking sites on the Internet, but demonstrations also occurred. The newly formed Humanitarian Initiative for Human Rights in Oman (HIHRO) carried out a sitting strike on June 1 in the government headquarters in Muscat demanding that three people arrested in connection with a strike among employees of the semi-state oil company PDO be released. The three activists had gone to the Fahud oil field in May to show their support for striking oil workers. 400 oil workers were laid off for striking but later got their jobs back. A number of bloggers who criticized the government for its failure to implement promised reforms were arrested in May and June, according to their lawyers, without knowing what they were accused of, and 22 protesters were arrested a few days later in connection with a protest operation outside a police station in Muscat. Also in the port city of Sohar during the summer demonstrations were held in protest of the high unemployment. In total, it was reported in November that 42 opposites had been arrested since 2011.

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In June, Omani police and military arrested at least 835 refugees from Africa along the country’s coast. A further 115 were arrested inland for missing ID documents. The authorities announced that the arrested would be deported to their home countries.

Population 2012

According to countryaah, the population of Oman in 2012 was 4,267,237, ranking number 126 in the world. The population growth rate was 7.010% yearly, and the population density was 13.7879 people per km2.

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