“Nursing Bullets” Provide Quick Energy for Hunger in Lactation

In lactation, it is particularly important that you eat is healthy and balanced. This benefits not only your own well-being, but also stimulate milk production and thus their baby. And: A rich baby sleeps well most of the time, this is a treat for all.

Of course need no giant portions in breastfeeding – the mix. Carbohydrate-containing foods as a rejuvenator and a sufficient amount of healthy fats are especially important. Many women have just after birth but not much hunger; on the other hand, the portions in the clinic are often rather too small for nursing mothers. So what to do?

Snacks are now particularly useful

Treat to a snack between meals now quiet time. Thus, no candy but are meant. For example natural trail mix, fruit and nuts, especially para and walnuts, but also malt-based drinks and malt-based Granola bars are suitable. Small restriction: even with the drinks look better once on the label, unfortunately many are mostly sugar water with low content of malt.

Very good snacks are called “Nursing bullets”, also energy balls, according to the recipe of the midwife Ingeborg Stadelmann. You can’t eat two to six of this balls per day – more better. Because the balls are small calorie bombs, which still promotes complement your diet in the first place.

It is very easy to prepare!

Ingredients: overall a kilo coarsely crushed grain, there are for example in the health food store wheat or spelt flour = as well as barley and oats – shares any, mix everything. 300 g cooked whole grain rice 350 g butter 300 g honey, possibly a cup finely chopped nuts (cashews, almonds, para or hazelnuts)

Preparation: light brown roast the corn in a large skillet. The hot cereal mix with the remaining ingredients and slowly admit water until you have a good fombare mass develops. The form dough into small balls, such as the size of small chocolates. You can also roll the balls in toasted sesame seeds, cocoa powder, coconut flakes, or Ovaltine, which provides flavour variety. The balls in a sealed container in the refrigerator are picked up.

Tip: You take just a few snacks in the clinic, but rather sparingly calculate at Verderblichem. Fruit and still balls can then Yes each fresh install with.

Good for the formation of milk are also quiet tea by Ingeborg Stadelmann (pharmacy) and oatmeal soup. For the soup whole wheat oatmeal sources easily in warm milk, then add to taste garnishes: for example a spoon jam, honey, raisins, fresh sliced fruit or homemade applesauce. The soup is suitable for breakfast as well as lunch as a dessert or snack.