Mum & Son – a Styling for Spring and Even More Thought

Mum & Son - a Styling for Spring and Even More Thought 1

I love my new life on the ground! But, of course, always be there with style. More about the onellook in the spring and my ode to the friendship.

I ‘m just relieved when the February is finally over. The sound limit is now really reached – until here and no further, I can not stand the winter just one day longer. In Berlin, this time, we did not feel so bad at all, but with child the suffering pressure is now simply the bigger. The little ones are now so mobile that the playground must be opened as quickly as possible. The first steps are made and the new wardrobe will change accordingly.

Mum & Son - a Styling for Spring and Even More Thought 2

I’ve put Mads on soft jersey from the start, avoiding firmer fabrics like jeans. Of course, it looks incredibly sweet when a small baby is already wearing jeans like the big ones, but wide, light fabrics encourage or restrict the movement device.But if he runs really well soon and does not feel like crawling, the first pair of jeans is bought.

The same goes to me with the jackets. In the winter, a warm woolly companion served me well, because in the cold, Mads was only traveling in the car anyway. With a divider so extremely practical, no breeze comes in. However, the whole thing becomes all the more complicated when the playground is done. This is why we start with a light down jacket for the transition to the spring, which still keeps you warm, but can also quickly be placed in my pocket.

Even with the little ones the layer look is the practical styling secret. Many mothers are unsure how thick or how thin they should put their child on. You can not do too much wrong. A body, a long sleeve, a shirt and a jacket, a jersey underneath a pantyhose – depending on whether we are outside or spontaneously with a friend, the layers can be defoliated. There is a danger, for example, if a child sweats in motion and can catch cold through the cool train. Then simply wear a layer less and later jack up again.

Mum & Son - a Styling for Spring and Even More Thought 1

Here I have compiled a few things from s.Oliver JUNIOR, which also show that an every-day casual look for moms can tolerate a bit of lace and a comfortable jeans culottes is perfect for life on the floor.

I am to be honest, the last few months have not been so bad. Life has suddenly been much more simple on the floor – on our living room carpet, with friends in the children’s room or in children’s cafés. Not only has the perspective been changed in the head, but it has also suddenly looked at everything from the bottom of the facts purely in space. To my own surprise, I felt much more comfortable than I ever thought before. My plan during pregnancy – just do not go into any mummy courses, always depend on the playground or make new contacts with other fresh baked moms. Just do not let it go too deep and completely sink into the subject child. When I attached my fears and theories times to a good friend (this for a long time with a child), the only chuckles after the motto: Wait times, you’ll be glad.

Mum & Son - a Styling for Spring and Even More Thought 3

And that’s exactly how it is. Of course, I have made my courses and attached myself to like-minded and behold, they are actually the same as me. No stubborn mothers, but quite normal and wonderful people around whom my circle of friends has now expanded. It was a great fortune with these new acquaintances, who became very good friends in the shortest time, to spend the last months on the ground. Not only talking about childhood diseases and sipping, but also about fashion, onellook and the latest shopping achievements.

For all the wild guys out there, to celebrate the first birthday of Mads in February, I still have a great sweepstake for you!