How to Build a Perfect Gestation Album

Riding a pregnancy album with all the remarkable moments of pregnancy is a more than special task.Spending hours watching the pictures, each of the nine months reflected in pictures, the changes that came slowly, the belly growing, the baby’s first clothes and his bedroom, mounted with all the affection.Some mothers prefer to hire professional photographers to take care of portraits and others prefer to do everything in a homemade way.One thing is certain: it is possible to get a beautiful and unforgettable result in any way chosen.Here are some important tips:

How to Build a Perfect Gestation Album 1

Tips for putting together a beautiful pregnancy album

The photos of the pregnant women can be considered as unique, after all, in a few months there will be no more bulging, but a beautiful child running around the house.Therefore, each photo must be done in a unique and special way.Besides that:

How to Build a Perfect Gestation Album 2

Focus on the belly: show your belly without fear for the photos. Take pictures every month to be able to record her and her baby’s growth. If your belly has not grown too much, bet on fairer clothes as well as dress – in many women the belly begins to become more apparent from the sixth month;

How to Build a Perfect Gestation Album 3

  • Taking care of the scenery: the photos of pregnant tend to be very similar, since women always make the same poses in the same scenarios. To do different, look for pictures in places that bring good memories for the couple, such as parks – outdoor places make portraits very beautiful. Do not forget to portray the couple’s bedroom, albeit subtly, in the background, and the baby’s;
  • Mother and father: taking pictures with the participation of the parents makes all the difference. Showing a family and all the affection involved in waiting for the baby leaves the result unique and even more beautiful.