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Trinidad and Tobago

Yearbook 2012

Trinidad and Tobago. In June, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar made an extensive government reform. She created several new ministries at the same time as some ministers were downgraded to less important posts and two ministers were fired. The most notable change was that Jack Warner, the former head of the FIFA International Football Federation, was appointed new Minister of National Security. He replaced Brigadier General John Sandy. According to countryaah, Warner had left FIFA a year earlier after allegations of corruption, which he rejected. He was former Minister of Labor, a post he got when Persad-Bissessar formed government after the 2010 election.

2012 Trinidad and Tobago

In October, the controversial security minister banned the police from publishing statistics on the murders in the country. Warner said that violence statistics can encourage others to commit crimes. Police officials said they intended to ignore the minister's call and continue with their duty to inform the public about the crime in the country. Warner's action was also heavily criticized by the opposition. Drug-related crimes are a major problem in Trinidad and Tobago, which has become an important transhipment site for cocaine from South America.

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