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Yearbook 2012

Suriname. According to countryaah, gold mining in the southeastern part of neighboring Guyana created new tensions between the two countries during the year. Guyana, with a gold tax of 5%, accused Suriname of encouraging smuggling across the border and tax evasion for the government of Guiana with a gold tax of just 1%. Surinam President Desi Bouterse defended the level of taxation that the country needs to attract foreign capital, primarily Canadian, but also said he intended to try to get through a congress proposal to raise the tax to 3%. In November, the Government of Suriname signed an agreement with the Canadian mining company Iamgold to extend the extraction in the rich Rosebel gold mine 8 km south of the capital Paramaribo.

The Netherlands suspended its aid payments to Suriname in April after the Surinamese parliament approved an amnesty which includes President Bouterse himself. He and 25 other people are suspected of multiple murders of oppositionists in the country.

2012 Suriname
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