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Yearbook 2012

Montenegro. In June, the EU gave the go-ahead to start membership negotiations with Montenegro. The country was considered to have taken great strides in improving the justice system and respect for civil rights.

2012 Montenegro

At the same time, Montenegro was named one of a handful of "mafia states" in the world by the influential magazine Foreign Affairs in the United States. There were suspicions that former Prime Minister Milo Đukanović himself was involved in shady business. A previous investigation by Italian authorities was closed in 2009, when Đukanović, as head of government, had prosecutorial immunity. New data now revealed that most of the assets of a bank controlled by the Đukanović family came from public funds, while most of the loans went to family members and close associates.

According to countryaah, thousands of Montenegrins took part in protests against Đukanović, accused of plundering the country and using the bank as a private ATM.

Parliamentary elections were held in October, six months in advance. The ruling tripartite coalition said it was seeking a new mandate for the EU negotiations. The coalition led by politician veteran Đukanović and his socialist party DPS won their third straight victory since independence in 2006. But for the first time, the coalition did not get its own majority.

In December, a new DPS-led government was formed with the support of small parties in Parliament. Đukanović returned for the sixth time as prime minister, almost two years after he unexpectedly resigned from the post. Igor Lukšić, who has been head of government since then, became a new foreign minister.

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