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Yearbook 2012

Mauritania. The charity Oxfam in March warned of a humanitarian disaster in the Sahel region of West Africa where 13 million people were threatened by famine due to drought. The organization appealed to donors to raise $ 36 million to help just over a million of the worst-affected people in the Sahel, which includes Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Chad and northern Senegal. According to Oxfam, 10-15% of residents in these countries were malnourished. Over one million children in the Sahel region risked severe malnutrition. The famine was caused by drought, high food prices, poverty and regional conflicts. The situation was aggravated by the fact that many Malaysians fled into Mauritania and other neighboring countries because of the mutual fighting in northern Mali.

2012 Mauritania

According to countryaah, thousands of people demonstrated in the capital Nouakchott in April demanding the resignation of President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz. The peaceful demonstrations were organized by nine different protest groups. They accused the president of cheating on the 2009 electoral victory and refusing to enter into a genuine dialogue with the opposition. Abdel Aziz took power in a coup in August 2008 and won the election in July 2009. Already the opposition accused him of electoral fraud, but observers from the African Union said the election had been conducted correctly.

On October 14, President Abdel Aziz was accidentally shot when a soldier opened fire when he did not recognize the car in which the President was traveling. Abdel Aziz was lightly injured in one arm, but nevertheless flew to Paris for care and returned to Mauritania only at the end of November.

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