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Yearbook 2012

Ecuador. According to countryaah, Ecuador was at the center of world press interest on June 19 when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange sought political asylum at Ecuador's embassy in London to avoid being extradited to Sweden, where he was charged with rape and sexual assault. On 16 August, Assange was given as official asylum after British police announced that they could storm the embassy. That the deal was of great political significance was made clear by Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiņo's declaration in connection with the granting of asylum to Assange. According to Assange himself, he could be extradited from Sweden to the United States, where WikiLeak's revelations created a great stir and where Assange could not expect fair treatment. Ecuador's left-wing president Rafael Correa also, especially since April 2011 when the US ambassador was expelled, has a very tense relationship with the US. Relations did not get better when Correa received Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in January and showed himself publicly with him on the balcony of the presidential palace in the capital, Quito. In a video interview with Assange on April 17, Correa gave him and WikiLeaks support.

2012 Ecuador

Paradoxically, Correa was criticized at home for a media-hostile policy and for wanting to stifle the flow of independent government-critical information. In January, for example, media in Ecuador to report in such a way that it could be perceived as favorable or unfavorable to individual candidates during election campaigns, and in June several radio and television stations were closed.

At the same time, political temperature began to rise before the presidential and congressional elections in February 2013. The election campaign officially began on October 18, but already in March, the Indian organization Conaie conducted a march from the southernmost province of Zamora Chinchipe to Quito in protest against the government's mining policy, which Conaie does not take into account to environmental or Native American rights.

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