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Burkina Faso

Yearbook 2012

Burkina Faso. According to countryaah, the country's chief of customs was dismissed in January after police found suitcases with $ 4 million, which he tracked to him. An independent anti-corruption organization has designated the customs office as Burkina Faso's most corrupt authority.

2012 Burkina Faso

At least 30 people were killed in May during three days of fighting in Mali, near the border with Burkina Faso. The majority of those killed came from Burkina Faso. The fighting broke out between the herd and nomad people Fulani from Burkina Faso and farmers from the dogon people in Mali. The people groups are competing for water and land, which has caused males to flee into Burkina Faso.

In June, Parliament voted to grant amnesty to President Blaise Compaoré and all other heads of state that Burkina Faso had since the country gained independence from France in 1960. Compaoré, like several former leaders, has seized power through a coup. Parliament also prepared a new law to set up a Senate, an upper house, in 2013.

On December 2, parliamentary elections were held and for the first time municipal elections were held simultaneously. In the parliamentary elections, the ruling party won the Democracy and Progress Congress (CDP) big and took home 70 of the 127 seats in the National Assembly. The other parties in the government coalition received a total of 28 seats. The new opposition party Union for Progress and Change (UPC), which had been formed in 2010, participated for the first time in an election and received 19 seats.

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