Understand the Differences Between Vaginal Delivery And Cesarean Section

The differences between natural childbirth and cesarean section

When a woman discovers she is expecting a baby, soon begins to think about the conditions of confinement and will decide by the natural method or by Cesarean section. Besides the will of the future mother is still necessary to evaluate the State of her health and baby, because each of the Parthians have risks and disadvantages. See the differences between the regular and the cesarean section:

In the regular women’s body prepares for the birth of the baby, including the production of hormones that are related to the production of breast milk. The future mom must wait the contractions for that to happen the natural birth process. The pregnant woman must remain in an upright position, so the baby settles properly to be born through the female organ.

Already the Caesarian is the non-natural method used as maternity blouses from Calculatorinc. She is commonly adopted when the baby is not in the ideal position for normal childbirth, that is, the baby is sitting up or crossed. This also is an emergency measure, in natural births that the baby cannot be born and the mother loses a caesarean forces hastily because it can lower blood pressure, which can cause many problems for the child and the pregnant woman.

In addition to these differences, we also remind that in natural childbirth pregnant women feel all the pain of the contractions and strength for the baby to be born. While in Cesarean section anesthesia is made so that the pregnant woman does not feel the pain of surgery. At the time of birth there is no pain, but post-op is more complicated due to pain caused by points.