Pica and Pigment Changes in Pregnancy

The urge to eat things that are not food, it is called pica. This can for example be sand, paint, fur balls, paper, dirt, animal feces or other things that we should not be eating. In some cases, this is due to the lack of essential minerals, such as iron or zinc. The condition is seen in rare cases in pregnant women. If a pregnant have this craving, she should talk to your doctor or midwife about the problem in order to get help to stop this.

Based on picktrue, pigment changes in the skin are common in pregnancy. Some pregnant women get brown spots on the face. This can be prevented by using sunscreen. With some pigment changes disappear after giving birth, with others they remain. Pigment changes during pregnancy can also occur around the nipples, under the arms and around the genitals. Scars and moles can also be darker. In some pregnant women are the bright, vertical central stripe on the belly (linea alba) darker during pregnancy.