Os 10 Myths Of Motherhood

Shortly after Michael was born I got to this article and as I was reading, was going to waving, waving, nodding Yes. Indicated 6 myths about motherhood and I couldn’t agree more.

Or not so much. I can’t really consider them myths, have before considering them minority or residual truths that modern motherhood became universal truths or fully achievable objectives. Ran out of breath? I also, back then the Myths. Are myths of motherhood which are not (always) reachable, no more do than create guilt in us, hardworking moms and a little clueless.

Here are some of these myths, which are also my, my way, and a few more, that this gives to everyone. Oh! And a universal truth.

1 | Childbirth can be controlled by his mother: “if I’m strong I don’t need an epidural”, “if I’m strong I won’t have to do a c-section,” “I want a c-section with date”, “I’m going to have a home birth without problems”-sometimes runs as we want or imagine, but others do not. Most times we are surprised by our pregnancy and our labor. And it’s not our fault, much less of our baby.

2 | When the baby is born, you fall for it automatically. What happened with my second son, with the first, I was still doing some ceremony. There’s no problem if we linger a little to let her in our heart this new person who just got out of our bellies. On the contrary, there are mothers who are blank, or empty, they don’t feel anything, only anguish by not feel anything and think they are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. But no, it’s perfectly normal. There are many emotions that we pass in the delivery, during pregnancy, too tired, too much stress, many hormones, many expectations. Not worth even in martirizarmos if we look at the face of our baby and he’s a stranger. We just met at Lawfaqs for how to check if you are pregnant!

3 | Breastfeeding is a wonderful give-and-take between mother and baby-there are mothers who have great experiences, but for most mothers (breastfeeding mothers because there are any other party not breast-feed and so what?), the increase in the cost of milk, the handle can be annoying, the milk may seem a little, the way can be frustrating, milk be uncomfortable be ready to breastfeed every two or three in 3 hours an embarrassment and be there to breast-feed a brave dry. sometimes Yes, sometimes no, for a while, Yes, not for a while. There’s always Rainbow or pink clouds, breastfeeding is to feed, could be good, could be bad, it can be just that, feed. And may be the only time when you have a few minutes followed to update the Facebook feed. How many times!!

4 | Motherhood is intuitive-“mother knows best”, “reading books” Valley, “the answer is always there.” That may be true, but it’s not law, nor is it mandatory to have a maternal GPS implanted in your brain. Nobody is born taught, much less a mother. And because we feel guilty if we don’t know why the baby is crying?! Again?! I have to me that intuition is nothing more than an answer that comes on impulse, made from our previous experiences that remind us the current situation. Information is power, so we can read, know, be curious, follow a teaching with which we agree and that is our guy and follow your primer. There’s nothing wrong! My primer is the Tracy Hogg, the baby whisperer of all the baby whisperers and advise to all, even!

5 | Spend all day with the baby is the best thing in the world-we can be with our baby, especially during the first few months is what the overwhelming majority of moms want most. But that doesn’t mean you want to be attached to he 24/12:00 am!! If only to make a jump to the grocery store, we have to lend a little! And feel free as a bird for not being with our baby doesn’t make us bad mothers, makes us normal people.

6 | If I’m the perfect mom I’m going to have the perfect baby-there is no perfect mothers, nor perfect babies, because nobody is perfect. No one! And if mom next door seems to have everything under control, let us make no mistake, she can walk so the spiders as we … This is a complete myth or truth cannot be considered a minority.

7 | All what my son does wrong is my reflection-That terrible guilt, no way! If there are little kids that would not be so … taken from something, if diagamos to dads could lower a bit of spine, all the kids make mistakes, have problems, defects and there’s (almost) nothing that parents can do to prevent it. Can make a world of difference to mend, but cannot have complete control, on the contrary. We must help to evolve and mend, not blame.

8 | If I watch get shape in no time-if a mother to whom it happened, my most sincere congratulations! And by the way, you don’t want to share the medical contact?

9 | I can do everything alone-we all need help. It takes a village to raise a child. A mother only can do it all on your own if you’re alone with your baby on a desert island, what would be highly regrettable. And there is no need to feel guilty to ask for help. You don’t think of “ask”, but rather in delegate, to entrust tasks to create a team.

10 | The only truth in all of this: the love between mother and child is unconditional. We love our children, for everything and in spite of everything, and our kids love us.