Information About The Hysterical Pregnancy And Who Can Develop

The hysterical pregnancy is a fact which raises many questions in most women, mainly for not being an issue so debated and commented. This phenomenon is natural and, therefore, cannot be avoided. The only thing that can be done is a follow-up of women presenting symptoms can to the development of this problem.

In General, the woman who develop psychological pregnancy has, in your interior, a great desire for pregnancy, something so vast and important that just passing the normal point and becoming an obsession, which leads to the hysterical pregnancy. The phenomenon is nothing more than a craving for pregnancy, which makes the woman feel all the symptoms and feel, mentally, you’re expecting a baby, however, any laboratory test says otherwise.

The woman who passes through the psychological symptoms, presents some gestation among them: menstrual cycle; weight gain; volume in the abdominal area; softening of the cervix; In addition to nausea and pain sensation in the breasts. The pregnancy trousers tend to be the same developed in a normal pregnancy, including the woman can even feel a abdominal movement, like the fetus.

The phenomenon of psychological pregnancy is more likely to be developed by women aged 20:30 years, especially those that are professionals that deal with the intelligentsia, or that are sustained by husbands. These factors are usually considered at risk for the development of this problem. And if this will occur, the family support is extremely important.

Try to avoid the problem we need to assess all the chances and signals that this lady does as to the possibilities of developing this type of pregnancy. Usually the desire and the difficulty to get pregnant tend to be frequent in these women. The best possible solution is to seek psychological or psychiatric follow-up, because the therapy tends to be much help in this process, whether by caution or for treatment after pregnancy.

In some cases this type of pregnancy, instead of the woman be frankly warned that your pregnancy is just a psychological factor, the familiar with the medical support prefer report that there was a miscarriage, which can be useful to avoid too much emotional complications. This is a complicated decision, but should always be accompanied by a professional who understands their causes and effects.