Great Checklist: Looks Like The Perfect Baby Equipment

Shopping! It must think all expectant mothers when it comes to the baby equipment.

Diapers, rompers, bottles, car seat: The list of all the things that supposedly needed for the baby equipment, is curves. Expectant parents expire as quickly in panic, when and how they should get everything yet. Quite apart from that as an initial equipment costs a lot!

Let this place one be told: you need not everything that you see in the baby business.There are a few essential things that you need for your baby equipment, for example enough clothing, a stroller and diaper utensils. Others, like a baby carrier, a cradle or a bottle warmer, are nice to have but not essential.

To save a little money, you can buy a part of the baby equipment used. Specially because the wear, babies only briefly, so that it is usually well preserved. Also changing table, baby bath, or furniture for your child’s room can get her second hand.

Car seat and stroller, you should, however, invest a little bit more money and increasingly pay attention to quality and seal of approval. Here it is all about your baby’s safety.

How much of everything? Parents just for the clothes ask yourself this question. How many bodies are useful, many tights and sweaters? We have compiled a checklist of everything you need for your baby equipment, – together with the quantities. At the bottom you will find the checklist baby equipment also available as pdf download.

This dress is in your baby equipment

It is incredible how quickly babies grow! Buy not so huge mounds of clothes for the first baby equipment that no longer fit after a short time. Specifically infant clothing you can purchase also wonderfully at the flea market. Usually nothing is on it, because maternity swimwear was worn only a few times. Buy the best size 56 to 62 for starters.

A basic stock of baby clothes should include:

  • 6-8 bodysuits with snaps
  • 6 tops (shirts and sweaters mixed)
  • 5 pants or sleepers
  • 4-5 tights
  • 3 some thicker socks
  • 3 Pajamas (the best all-in-one)
  • 2 caps (slightly thicker, one thin)
  • 1 jacket
  • 1 scarf (with Velcro)
  • in the winter a winter suit

The necessary baby care for your baby equipment

Babies need little creams and bath additives, but come together around the baby care so some things that you need.

You will need for your baby equipment:

  • Baby oil
  • Wrap – & Wundcreme
  • Wet wipes
  • 2 beach towels (with hood)
  • 2 soft washcloth
  • Nail scissors specifically for babies
  • soft hair brush for babies
  • possibly a baby bathtub
  • Bath thermometer

Baby facilities around the breastfeeding & bottle type

Whether you breastfeed or give the bottle, there are a few things that you need for your baby equipment.

Generally, you need a good six gauze diapers, which you can use as a burp cloth.

If you breastfeed, you also need:

  • Nursing pads
  • 3-4 still BHs
  • possibly a Wundcreme your nipples
  • Nice to have: anursing pillow

If you give the vial, you must:

  • 4-6 baby
  • 1-2 cleaner for milk, size 1 (best silicone or LaTeX)
  • 1 cleaner for tea
  • Formula for babies
  • Bottle brush

A bottle warmer is not absolutely necessary, is warming up in the pot in hot water. Devices to sterilize the bottles are convenient, but the cooking in the pot works just as well.

Baby facilities around the sleeping

Cradle or cot? Both good, decide what is better fit for you. Make sure that you can slide the bed through the area. The mattress should be neither too soft nor too hard.

Builds some time before the birth of the bed complete with mattress, so that it can emit. This applies to all baby furniture.

In addition to bed complete with mattress, you need for your baby equipment:

  • 1 sleeping bag
  • 1 washable mattress cover

Pillows do not need babies, a ceiling is also redundant, the sleeping bag is sufficient. There are various thicknesses versions for summer and winter.

Baby facilities around the winding

Several times a day, babies need to be wrapped. A baby changing table at the correct height is worth Gold if you you want to do isn’t broken the back. Watch a lateral limitation, so that the baby can fall off.

Practical: Many changing tables are also a chest of drawers. So, do you have more of them and can store things at the same time.

Around the winding, you need the following:

  • 1 dresser with nursery top
  • 1 changing mat (washable)
  • 2 packs diapers (size 1)
  • 1 diaper pail (not too big)
  • 1 diaper bag for traveling
  • 1 wrap – & Wundcreme
  • Wet wipes

Heard also toys in the baby equipment?

Important part of baby equipment: the stroller

The stroller is one of the most important things that you need for your baby equipment. Take care of the purchase at an early stage, many models have wait a few weeks. Ensures that the car in your trunk fits and can be easily assembled. Weighing with three wheels are often more agile, but older children not as stable as four wheels. With a bit of luck, you get hardly used flea market models.

You also need:

  • Rain protection
  • Sun protection
  • suitable air pump
  • Bike lock, if you leave the car in the hallway.

Car owners need a car seat in their baby equipment

Who needs a baby seat his baby with the car from the hospital, pick up. Paying attention to quality and access only to used seats if you are absolutely sure that they are stable and to 100 percent in order.

Tests of whether the belt in your car is long enough. It is ideal if the car seat or Maxicosi can be mounted on your stroller.

The last point of baby equipment: the baby monitor

A baby monitor is not a must-have for the baby equipment, many parents buy it but still. In large apartments or solid sleep it is practical in any case. Controls the range and takes care of several frequencies, thus it with other devices in the vicinity collides.

There’s the checklist of baby equipment as a pdf to download: click here