Doubts About The Painting of Hair During Pregnancy

Pregnancy x hair Painting

A pregnancy can bring many changes for women and have to adapt to new life, so shaken some structures.

Hair painting for those who love is the first to be discarded. The Salon must know the risks that may is running because some beauty professionals put themselves against cases of restriction of painting making the procedure as a woman without being pregnant.

The good thing is you pay special attention, in pregnancy because there’s another person inside of you. Any chemical treatment for hair can trigger allergic reactions in pregnant woman, even in that I never had this problem before.

In pregnancy, the female body becomes the flavor of the hormones and may bring some weird reactions. Women’s skin is more hydrated and therefore absorbs more intensity some substances, increasing the chances of irritation wearing maternity pajamas (see

The risks to the health of the fetus can be great, some tinctures bring in your chemical substances, such as lead, aluminum and copper, could allegedly lead to severe neurological disorders and malformations of the central nervous system.

The specialist in various areas have very different opinions they are divided, for the skin of pregnant women, is sensitive, and open access to components enter the bloodstream and reach the placenta and the fetus.

The studies do not prove the effects of dyes for hair on babies ‘ health. May not even cause malformation, but, as there were no tests to ensure nothing better to avoid.

More if you do not want to avoid this type of procedure consult your obstetrician about the subject and evaluate the pros and cons.